Information science and technologies in the modern world

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In general, information is a new item that allows improving the processes related to the transformation of matter, energy and the report as a whole.

The activity of modern man is continuously associated with obtaining information, the need to preserve them in time, turning from one form to another, moving in space, etc.

Information technology is entitled as a complex of technological and software tools that are used for performing various operations with information.

It is intended to study the technology of management and data processing, both using a personal machine and without computer technologies.

Nowadays it is challenging to imagine a world without information technologies, personal computers, and other types of automatized systems.

Information Science

The Information Theory is applied science at the junction of mathematics and computer science, which studies patterns are connected with the receipt, storage, processing and transfer of information.

So, what does the term ?information? technology mean? It is a process using a mixture of instruments and approaches of gathering, processing and transferring information to obtain data of new quality about the object state, operation or phenomena. The primary goal of information technology is to produce data for the analysis and to make decisions basing on it on the application of the action.

Information technologies in the modern world

The introduction of a personal computer in the field of information and the use of telecommunication tools determined a new step in information technology development. Advanced information technology is an information technology with a ?user-friendly? experience that uses personal devices and telecommunications. It should be noted that the new information processing technology is based on the following basic principles.

Three basic principles of computer IT:

  •        Interactive computer mode;
  •        Integration (docking, interconnection) with different software applications;
  •        The flexibility of the change process of data and task settings.

The first sorts of information technologies:

  •        High intellectual information technologies (the generation of technical solutions that implement situational modeling, allowing to identify the relationship of elements, their dynamics and identify the objective laws of the environment).
  •        Auxiliary information technologies are focused on ensuring the performance of specific functions (accounting and statistics, maintaining the personnel system, workflow, financial operations, systems for strategic management, etc.).
  •        Communication information technology is designed to ensure the development of telecommunications, and it is policies.

Information technology of data processing is designed to solve well-structured problems, the algorithms for solving which there are all the necessary input data. This technology is applied at the level of performance activities of low-skilled personnel to automate some routine, regularly recurring operations of managerial work.

New information technologies are those technologies that allow you to solve essential management tasks at an entirely new and modern level, analyze and forecast information data, and assist in making effective decisions. New information technologies include the latest innovative technological implementations and computer technologies that allow the process to automate each process of activity, as well as to successfully participate in the process of preparing highly qualified specialists who play a significant role in the development of every country.