What security suite Spectrum offers

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Viruses, spam, hacker attacks, and spyware pose

Viruses, spam, hacker attacks, and spyware pose a severe danger to the computer of any user – the number of various malicious programs is growing exponentially, as well as the diversity of their types and attack variants.

Due to an increase in the proportion of spam and an increase in threats of hacker attacks, the interests of users are shifting from antivirus programs towards integrated software packages providing comprehensive protection against viruses, spam, hacker attacks, and in some cases spyware components.

As this leads to an increase in the interest of users to this category of software, the platform Spectrum.net provides for its users a full security package for their devices.

In general, this suite is suitable for such operating systems as Mac and Windows. So, what exactly does it offer? First of all, Spectrum proposes new antivirus protection in real-time mode against spyware and malware.

Besides, it ensures internetwork security to protect the personal information on the user’s device, keep them secure and avoid hacking attacks.

Besides, it provides automatically updating with the aid of cloud-based technologies,

Detection of malicious programs and cleaning the computer of spyware that will guarantee that your computer operates without a failure.

Several options are provided only for Windows users, such as the following:

  •        A function of protecting the process of web browsing that will block insecure and suspicious sites
  •        An option for parental control allows protecting the children against the content that could be harmful to them

Before the installing antivirus and starting to use this security package, you should, first of all, be ensured that your computer meets all the specific requirements that are indicated on the official site Spectrum in the section System Requirements and are available only for Windows and Mac operating systems.

A Scanner against bots for protecting your personal computer

Botnets are computer networks consisting of a large number of computers connected to the Internet or other devices on which stand-alone software, bots, is loaded and launched without the knowledge of their owners. In other words, it is a whole network infected with one or more interacting viruses.

The AntiBot Scanner by Spectrum is aimed at scanning the places of location of botnet malware and removing them from your device.

It should be noted that this scanner is not available for mobile and Mac devices.

So if you do not have an installed antivirus program on your computer, you can guarantee full protection for your device by establishing a Security package from Spectrum. The agenda against bots will start its work during the installation process.

So, let’s check what the main steps for running Antibot scanner if you do not want to install a full security package are:

  •        Firstly, you should download the given scanner and then click on the window Run
  •        After accepting general Terms and Conditions, you click Start for scanning your device and clean it from malicious software
  •        Also, your machine may be restarted several times during the installation
  •        When the scanning is finished, you can choose to close a window to leave.