What Is Total AV Essential Antivirus?

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We live in the digital era and no matter how much we’d like to deny this, people’s lives circle technologies daily. Most people use the Internet and computers. Needless to mention the smartphones’ addition. Nowadays, we depend on the devices to perform even the simplest transactions like tickets or food purchases.

That’s why a need to protect oneself and personal data is growing a lot. Users look for software to secure the information from cyber-attacks and viruses. One of the possible solutions here is Total AV Essential Antivirus. What is Total AV? Let’s discuss and learn more about the pros and cons of using this software.

General overview

It means a user may easily cover all the household devices with one antivirus solution.

One of the issues many users deal with is the installation process. It’s rather unusual since most antivirus programs are very easy to install.

Total AV is very lightweight. It also takes very little time to unpack and install. However, the moment the program was installed it required additional downloads. While it’s not a big deal, it turned out to be time-consuming and a bit annoying.

The selection of features available

No matter what you expect from Total AV, mind that the Essential Antivirus package is really essential only. There are no extra tools, additional layers of protection, etc. It has lots of essential features to enhance the security of the user’s device but nothing extra. The free edition only has the feature to scan the device for threats.

When a user decides to upgrade, he gets a bundle of extra tools. For instance, there is a secure browser, a VPN, an ad-blocking tool, etc.

On the bright side, the software has some optimization tools. It comes with a System Boost. This is a tool used to pick which programs to start when the PC turns on, which programs to delete, and some other features. For example, a user can control the browser data.

Another optimization tool is Disk Cleaner. It removes duplicates and junk files from the device.

Finally, there is a Password Vault. This manager stores and protects passwords from all kinds of malicious activities.

Interesting observations about Total AV Essential Antivirus

To be honest, this is not the best Total AV product. The free edition is almost useless and the purchase of the premium plan doesn’t bring much. In case you want Total AV antivirus, it’s better to look at other packages.

The only great thing about Essential Antivirus is the design. The interface is really beautiful. It has a black background and color-corrected icons. When the components work fine, the color is green. In case some actions need to be taken, it changes to yellow or red. On the other hand, even the interface has some slight drawbacks. One of them is the slow reaction.

Pros and cons of choosing Total AV Essential Antivirus

The advantages include the simple and user-friendly interface. The antivirus has a colorful design, functional scanning, and a bundle of extra tools with the premium plan.

On the other hand, this program takes much time to install, has a great impact on performance. What’s more, it has a very slow reaction. The free edition is very limited offering only scanning features.

The verdict

However, it is very limited and the protection is unreliable. The premium plan is rather pricey, so it’s probably better to pick another antivirus solution.

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