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Best Dog Backpacks and How to Pick Them

If you are a dog owner, you probably know by now that backpacks are not only for people. There are models for dogs, too. On the other hand, there are backpacks that allow carrying the dog. Today we’ll focus on the latter. Let’s get to know more about who needs to get such a backpack and how to pick one. Get ready to learn everything about such an interesting and convenient accessory.

Do you Need a Dog Backpack?

If you are fond of traveling, camping or hiking, you can now take your pet with you. Any adventure-loving person will be thrilled to take the pup along with him. If the dog is small, it won’t be able to cover the same path you do. That’s why you can place the small breed dog or a puppy in a special backpack and carry on walking.

You may also need a backpack for a dog if you prefer carrying it on your back better than in the crate. Choosing the best model will greatly depend on your goals and the dog’s size.

How to Pick the Right Size?

When choosing one of the models, you can use the dog backpacks sizing table. It’s a very convenient way to define the size you need. As a rule, the sizes go from XS to XL. The smallest backpack can fit a dog up to 25 cm and 8 lbs. The bigger size you get the bigger dog you’ll be able to fit in. The biggest one can carry the 35 lbs dog which is up to 80 cm. While the numbers are general, some companies specify which dog breeds can fit in the backpack. In case you can’t find it in the description, you may contact the seller and get the needed information.

What’s Next?

As soon as you know the approximate size, you can narrow down the selection and focus on other important features. You should get a reliable, durable and convenient backpack made from high-quality materials. It’s also wise to learn more about the extra features it comes with. Every brand tries to stand out from the rest offering unique accessories and useful extras. Just think about what you expect from a backpack for dogs and look for the needed features.

It’s also important to think about the material. While most of them are made from different types of cloth, there are plastic models with illuminators and air holes.

Using such a backpack is a wonderful way to keep your dog strapped up with you and to ensure its safety on the route. Get the one that provides good ventilation and pockets. If you need to carry your dog for a long period of time, you should focus on finding the ergonomic model. This kind of backpack will reduce the stress to your back and shoulders to a minimum.

In case you travel using airplanes, it’s better to look for airline approved models. Very often the manufacturer mentions this in the description or you can contact the seller and find out for sure.


Buying a backpack for dogs is a great idea if you want to travel together and your dog isn’t big enough to walk all the miles. It’s also a safe way to transport the pet as long as it meets the safety requirements. Discover brands like PROPLUMS, Kurgo, Whizzotech to get the best quality and reliable materials.

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