3 Best Antivirus for Kindle Fire 2019

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Internet is so vast that it is virtually impossible to conveniently map the entire web. While this has seen the rise of many great brands, products and devices such as the amazon Kindle Fire, it has also led to the existence of various malicious content and vulnerability threats to the use of the internet. That is why this article has been written to tell you about the best antivirus programs you can use for your Kindle Fire device.

What’s an antivirus?

If that is really the next question on your mind, then here is a short and concise definition. An antivirus is a software specifically designed to protect your devices, including your laptop computers, smartphones and other compatible devices from malicious content that can be used to hijack your devices and steal your data.

What’s a virus?

In the context of this article, a virus is a malware or malicious code created to infiltrate your computer or other devices and give hackers and people with malicious intent remote access to your device. Some viruses are designed to replicate and corrupt your files; all to a detrimental effect while others stay hidden on your device, monitor your actions so as to send data to the virus developers. These people can then use your data to steal from you or from other people.

Safety Risks That Come with Using the Kindle Fire

Virtually all devices that can access the internet are prone to threats, risks and vulnerabilities posed by malware and viruses online. It doesn’t matter if you’re connecting to the internet through a public Wi-Fi or over a secure connection. Downloading a corrupted or infected file is all it takes to get your Kindle Fire infected.

  • Viruses and Malware Designed for Android Devices

The Amazon Kindle Fire is powered by a custom version of the Android operating system. What this means is that it is possible for the kindle fire to get infected by virus and malwares created for pure android devices. So, if you’re the type that side loads android apps on your kindle fire, you’re definitely prone to getting a virus this way. This is an important reason why an antivirus software is an essential utility to have on your Kindle Fire.

  • Viruses and Malware from Corrupt Media and Document Files

If you’re the type that only ever uses the kindle fire for offline activities, then your chances of getting a virus is minimal. However, browsing the internet and downloading books, audio or video files and other files increases the chances of getting a corrupted file or a virus on your kindle fire. Your device, if infected, can be hacked or used to infect other devices through file sharing.

  • Viruses and Malware from File Sharing

You could also end up getting a virus on your kindle fire through file sharing, either from a computer or other devices.

  • Phishing

Phishing is a threat that is probably the most common to kindle fire users. Phishing is basically a method scammers and hackers use to steal information from unsuspecting users in order to scam them or other people under their influence. Phishing attacks come in various forms and through diverse means. The most popular method scammers use is to send fake emails to their targets. These emails are designed to impersonate trustworthy brands and ask the recipient for their private information to help them solve a problem. For example, a kindle fire user with a PayPal account gets a mail telling him about an unauthorized attempt to log into his account, he is then directed to click on a link to “securely login” and update his security information. To an unprotected user, it seems like a harmless message, but once the recipient of the mail clicks on the link and inputs his details, he is essentially typing it out for the scammers to copy and use to steal from him. Phishing is a huge security issue all over the world; with more than 500 million dollars lost to phishers yearly.

All these threats and vulnerabilities are enough reason for you to install a good antivirus on your device.

What are the Security Options Available for Kindle Fire?

The official Kindle app store doesn’t include any security apps for the Kindle Fire but that doesn’t mean that there are no options to choose from. There are numerous antivirus apps you can install on your kindle fire device to keep it safe from virus and malware infections. These antivirus options include:

  • Norton Kindle Tablet security

Norton’s security option for kindle fire tablets is one of the best antivirus you can get on your device. It has an auto update feature that helps it to keep its virus definitions up-to-date. It also scans new files and apps automatically to detect any security threats before it spreads on your device. With Norton’s antivirus for kindle fire, your device is completely protected.

  • Avast Security and Antivirus

Avast is a trustworthy name in the list of the best antivirus developers in the world. Avast’s antivirus for Amazon’s Kindle Fire doesn’t offer less than Avast is known for. You can set it up pretty easily, with automatic scans whenever you install a new app or plug in a memory stick. It can also effectively block malware and other malicious content when you browse the web in safe mode.

  • Web Antivirus

Dr. Web antivirus light is a free antivirus software that provides maximum protection for your Kindle Fire device. The app has an auto update feature that helps it to acquire new virus definitions so that it can offer the best protection.

Other worthy mentions include AVG antivirus and Malwarebytes. Any of these apps will surely give you the much needed protection from viruses on your Kindle Fire device.

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