Best driver update software 2021

Windows drivers are what keep your computer running and safe, so they need proper care. This can be a real problem because it is impossible to keep track of all the updates personally and updating them manually takes up an impressive amount of your time. There is a solution to this situation, and the name is driver update software. In this article, we’re going to break down which driver update programs will do their job best.

Why do I need to update my drivers?

As it has already become clear, without drivers your computer will not work, and to keep it running the drivers should always be in the current version. The developers at Microsoft are well aware of this, and that is why their system has a built-in driver update program:

  • Windows Driver Library – every time you connect a new component to your PC, the system tries to recognize it and download the latest driver
  • Windows Update Center – if Windows cannot find the correct driver in its library, it will try to find the correct version from online sources

But often there can be problems with both of these methods and it is best to have a specialized program that will guarantee the quality of the work, below we will tell you about the best of them.

Driver Genius 20 Platinum

It is a reliable and easy-to-use driver adapter which has in its library more than a million hardware drivers, which means it will be able to pick up and set the actual version of the drivers.

The main feature of the application is its automatism, you can forget about it when you install the application on your PC, all the other work it will take care of. The program will periodically scan your system and tell you if a component needs to be updated.

Driver Support One

Driver Support One is a program that is based on the usual process of scanning and updating drivers, nothing extra, everything is simple. The update process consists of three steps during which the program first detects a problem in the form of outdated drivers, then proceeds to download and set the most recent drivers from the Internet, then assists in optimizing the speed of your system.

AVG driver update

AVG is highly regarded for its anti-virus tool, which has branched out into various other areas, including VPN. The program has extensive coverage of over 100 different device manufacturers to find up-to-date driver versions for thousands of components.

Reviver driver

This is a popular driver update program that runs silently in the background and has several distinctive features. For example, you can set a schedule for how often the drivers will be updated.

The program has more than 10 million drivers in its arsenal. This should include all the old versions of drivers, as well as the latest versions.