Top 3 New Smartphones You Need to Know About

The innovative features clearly make smartphones the work of art: totally glass design, triple-cameras, and achievements in programming make them worth every penny. This race never stops since all manufacturers want to deliver the most upgraded device to the users and the technology is advancing super-fast.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the latest model of this company. It delivers a special experience because it is packed with forefront technologies without destroying the amazing design. It appears a lot like a combo of iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. An Enormous 6.39-inch display has an embedded in-display fingerprint scanner while the notch at the top of the screen has a face recognition system as well. The curved OLED screen is manageable since the smartphone is very narrow. What’s more, the model stands out because of its triple camera with great zoom and a possibility to make panorama photos. The battery capacity is to die for. It lasts almost two times longer its competitors and also supports the wireless charging system. This smartphone is probably the best Android on the modern market.

However, in case you prefer iOS, the new Apple iPhone XS will win you over. The loyal users call it the best one ever and in a way it’s true. It has a 5.8-inch display which is squeezed in a small smartphone. Great face recognition programming and the new gesture system work smoothly. A dual-camera delivers amazing photos even in the low-light surrounding and allows to control the bokeh effect (which wasn’t possible in a smartphone before). Animoji adds fun to experience. Surely, it has wireless charging. However, the battery life is quite average.

One of its main competitors is Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This is the oldest device on the list with the stunning features. The 6.4-inch display, the wonderful camera, wireless charging system, and an impressive processor. There is virtually everything a user can wish, including the expandable storage. The unique feature which makes it stand out is the stylus that is hidden at the bottom of the smartphone. It delivers a totally individual experience allowing the user to draw, sign, note, and even take pictures with the help of the remote Bluetooth button. It runs on an older Android version unlike some of the new models. This smartphone is capable of everything and even more. It is probably the most productive smartphone.